How it Works is a platform for solving social coordination problems through collective action campaigns - think "", on steroids. It uses an assurance contract framework (A agrees but only if B, C and D also agree) combined with temporary anonymity to reduce the risk and raise the expected value of participating in any project that requires collective buy-in.

Unlike crowdfunding platforms, the primary value proposition isn't fundraising but bootstrapping real-world, high-leverage initiatives that require synchronous group behavior to be effective. Using temporary anonymity, Spartacus can create a seamless, almost magical transition from the safety of anonymous, provisional commitment to a critical mass publicly aligned on the same values and goals.

The creator creates an anonymous campaign

Anyone can create a campaign anonymously. Depending on the type of campaign, various privacy and security settings can be enabled, to prevent spam, bots and fake accounts.

The campaign is publicly visible and shared with participants

The campaign creator establishes the purpose, writes the description, a call-to-action, and sets a participant goal - the minimum number of participants that triggers the reveal of everyone's identities. It's up to the campaign creator to decide what this number should be (Spartacus will provide resources to help calibrate this).

Participants anonymously join and the campaign updates in real time

After the campaign is created, it can be shared based on the visibility settings chosen. From here, the creator, and subsequent participants can promote it to their target audience using methods that can maintain their anonymity.

The campaign page is updated in real-time to reflect progress toward the goal.

When the threshold is met, all participants are deanonymised simultaneously.

When the participant goal is reached, all participants are de-anonymized simultaneously - exchanging the safety of anonymity for the power of numbers, instantly!

The contact details of each participant become visible to each other.

Everyone's contact info becomes visible to participants, and instructions from the organizer on what to do next are sent out.

The campaign is able to spread in public.

Now with the power, protection, leverage, and support of a coordinated group the campaign can follow through on its Call-to-Action, and accelerate in public. Spartacus has done its job.