Spartacus.app is operationalizing principles of game theory and behavioral economics in software to adjust people's choice architecture in the context of social and economic incentive structures.

It's also a response to the dominant modes of activism and change-making in the social media age, which has emphasized self-expression, symbolism and social signaling at the expense of pragmatic strategizing.

Our thesis is that collective action dilemmas and coordination problems are at the root of some of humanity's stickiest challenges, ranging from household squabbles to existential risks.

In January of this year, Spartacus was a recipient of a 2024 ACX grant award which has funded the development of this project thus far.

We have a robust network of advisors and collaborators. Ultimately, our goal is to create a user-friendly platform that gives ordinary people a lever to affect systemic change, disrupt bad incentive structures, and empower more participatory decision-making.


Jordan Braunstein

Jordan Braunstein is the founder of Spartacus.app.

He brings 15+ years experience as a business development lead and product manager at various startups ranging from pre-seed to Series B, including employee #1 at a VR startup called Vivid Vision.

He holds a B.S. in Economics and Political Science from SUNY Purchase, NY.